Our Services

Training, Pre-Inspection Review and Testing

  • In-service training, as required by the NRC and JCAHO.
  • Assist in license preparation and amendment.
  • Calibration of survey meters and dose calibrators.
  • Preparation for JCAHO visitation.
  • Membership on the Radiation Safety Committee, and participation in quarterly meetings thereof.
  • Review of Nuclear Medicine records and procedures.
  • Preparation of specifications for and performance testing of new equipment.
  • Preparation for, and holding of hospital disaster drills, particularly those involving radiation accident patients.
  • Radioactive source leak testing.


  • Room shielding calculations and recommendations.


  • Diagnostic x-ray equipment inspections.
  • Industrial x-ray equipment inspections
  • MQSA Mammography accreditation physics inspections.


  • ACR CT accreditation.
  • ACR MRI accreditation.
  • ACR Nuclear Medicine Gamma Camera accreditation.
  • ACR Ultra Sound accreditation.